Over the past weeks, YALI TV has interviewed Presidents of Alumni Chapters or Associations of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

This action is in line with YALI TV’s agenda to commemorate the 10 years anniversary of YALI being throwing light on the attainments of the various associations, its members and their initiatives.

On this week’s episode of YALI iReport, we are featuring two guests. Our first guest is Mavis Yeluma Tembi from Cameroon.

Mavis Yeluma is the President of YALI West Africa Alumni Association Cameroon. Yeluma is also a Peace and child protection specialist, founder and Executive Director of Women and Allies for Peace and Security.

Mavis is a certified peace trainer by UNESCO and a UNESCO Peace Ambassador in Cameroon, a 2016 YALI RLC Alumna Works with Cameroon National Youth Council as Assistant program Coordinator in the Ad hoc Committee Department of Human Rights, Culture of Peace, Migration and conflict Management Programs. She is the Co-Author of an Academic Paper published in Afro Asian Journal of Social Sciences (AAJOSS) titled Cameroonian Women in Political Leadership, 1960-2015. Through her works, she has reached out 2000+ Cameroonian Youths through National, Regional and community programs and interventions and has 5 years experience in social works especially with women and vulnerable (at-risk) most of who have become civically engaged themselves.

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Story by: YALI TV Editorial Team