Statistics has it that Youths constitute 1.8billion of World’s Population.

International Youth Day(IYD) is designated to raise awareness on challenges and Problems facing the Youths globally.

This year’s theme “Transforming Education ” which is rooted in Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), sheds more light on how all stakeholders are Transforming Education as tool in achieving Agenda 2030.

In Commemoration of the International Youth Day, YALI RLC Alumni Nigeria Chapter in Partnership with the American Corner Organised a Seminar, graced with resourceful individuals in the Education Sector with the theme “YOUTHS & INNOVATIVE EDUCATION”

The Seminar started precisely at 11:25am at the American Corner hall Located at 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo Yaba, Lagos Nigeria on the 30th of August, 2019.

The anchor of the seminar Aina Tinuola(Assistant  National Secretary) welcomed everyone present with the recitation of the second Stanza of Nigeria’s National Anthem.

Mr Salem Banire was introduced by Tinuola for his 5mins poem as he tells Youths how they can effect a change in their respective Community  and Society at Large.

The first facilitator Mr Omoleye Isaac Success (founder, Dreams from the Slum, Lead Consultant, Dream Stead Consultant and Managing Partner, Quies Creations)showed us some video clips of his Educational Reform Journey through mass media Advocacy.

Isaac told youths present his life struggles from his early days as a child till his adulthood which birthed this current initiative of Educational reform. Isaac encouraged everyone to believe in themselves regardless what anyone says to them. He however took everyone through his advocacy journey which has brought him to limelight with so many awards to his credit.

Mr Omoleye Isaac said, his advocacy brought about increase in teachers salaries all over Lagos State and Massive Reform for Primary to Secondary Schools in the State with yearly enrollment of 50 school dropouts to various private Schools.

Isaac said regardless where you come from, everyone can lead Change as he admonishes Youths to stop thinking about what Nigeria would do for them rather they should start thinking of what they can do for Nigeria

He further encouraged Youths to change their words and change their life.

Mr Omoleye Isaac Success concluded by challenging Youths to live a purpose driven life by choosing to be Youthful and Useful while they go through pain at the initial stage of trying to make a difference with their passion and turn it into a profession with Profit.

Snack break of 5mins before the second facilitator, one Miss Crystal Cummings from Trinidad and Tobago motivated everyone with words of encouragement and measure on how to help kids with learning disabilities.

The second facilitator, Mr Olanrewaju Prince Gideon( Chief Executive,AREAi) who talked about the tools that are workable and sustainable for Educational Tranformation. Using skills required as pillars of Education according to UNESCO which says Learn to be,do,and live together.

Mr Olanrewaju emphasized on the need for alternative means to solve Educational problems in Nigeria.He said, students are to be fed and nourished in a condusive environment for them to assimilate what is been taught.

He further said, the essence of Educationa is to critically think and solve problem. Gideon called on  the need for the rise of more change makers to solve this problem however every agent of change should always consider his/her capacity as it is vital to change stories as passion is not enough.

Gideon listed five Alternative means which he called “Mass Education via alternative means of Holistic Human Capital  Development ” to solve Educational problem Vocational, life skills, Entrepreneurial, cognitive, technological/Digital skill are needed.

Gideon mentioned ways in which Educational tools can be deplore through innovation to Educational content (Intervention Approaches) such as

1: Awareness

2: Services

3: Advocacy


Gideon explained  five components to quality Education as follows

1. Learner: The mental and psychological basis of the learner is needed.

2. Learning environment: Alternative Learning spaces.

3. Content :Education for sustainable development, skills of the 24th century collaboration

4. Process :How teaching takes place.

5.Knowledge: should be co-constructed between teachers and students

He Concluded by saying the outcome would be that all these components must work together geared towards Educational entrepreneurship for whatever you wish to achieve, you should be more INTENTIONAL.

The event came to a close at about 1:20pm with lots of photograph and a closing remark from Oluwafunmilola Boriowo( Chair Network and Planning Committee).

Report by Bondze Blessing Jessica