The Management of YALI TV and its associates wish all Young African Leaders Initiative Network members a Happy 10th year anniversary.

Exactly 10 years ago the people of the United States of America through the US Government with support of the Congress and State Department established a special program to empower the next generation of leaders in Africa.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) a United States’ signature was born, as an effort that has over the past decade invested in the next generation of African leaders, physically training over 20,000 young Africans through the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, YALI Regional Leadership Center West Africa, YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa, YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa, and YALI Centre Régional de Leadership Dakar.

As a result of the influence of YALI since its establishment has further attracted over 600,000 young Africans through the online and engagement programs on the YALI Network. These leaders and Innovators have been serving and giving back to their communities, while many others have stepped up and are at the forefront of governmental, private sector, and civil society efforts to handle various development challenges including the containment of the spread of #COVID19.

Over the next couple of months YALI TV in partnership with Associates and relevant agencies of the YALI program would be hosting specialized programs on all our platforms for the Alumni, members, and other young Africans.

Stay tuned for further updates and information on and our social media pages.

Happy Anniversary fellow African Leaders and Innovators.


Message from the Management of YALI TV