I am Foeday Zinnah, I lived in Dolo Town, Liberia. I have a deeper experience with the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia in 2014-2015. My community Dolo Town was quarantined and hundreds of lives were taken away by the virus. I am a survivor of that bloody EVD.

I didn’t sit to observe people, I got involved by joining the Dotee Taskforce team to create preventive measures awareness, I did contact tracing, I did temperature testing for people coming in and out of the town, I served as an intermediate between local community dwellers and health workers. This was the way my community starts to believe that the virus was real since their children were involved with fighting the virus along with the government. The team at DOTEE Taskforce celebrated a defeat victory against the EVD virus on a volunteer role. Today Dolo Toen and it’s nearby communities are healthy against Ebola.

Nevertheless, I am in this same community (Dolo Town) and many remote villages to create massive awareness about the preventive measures of coronavirus and distributing some preventive materials. My organization YARD-Liberia, Inc. Have reached out to over 2000 local community dwellers in over 20 rural areas with preventive measures awareness, and distributions of Handwash materials.

I believe if everyone knows about the reality of the virus and its preventive measures, the virus will be eliminated. I can’t imagine how Ebola and its Pro-Ebola affected my community and Country.
Until I impact and protect my community, I am one of those front liners.

Our experiences should be tools to sustain the future 📡. Be strong and protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus.