Name of Correspondent: Alabi Tawakalitu.
Country: Nigeria.

With the present star of things in the whole world, fighting the covid19 pandemic, Nigeria is not an exception, As, at Thursday, 21st of May, 2020, Nigeria has the following statistics:
*Total Infected: 6,677
*Deaths: 201
* Recovery: 1,840.

With the number of infected people rising everyday especially in Lagos State, being the most populous state in the country, a lot of individuals and organizations are working all through to provide various interventions to help aid government activities towards stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus and curbing unaffected member of the public from contracting it and also helping people who are incapacitated by the various lockdown measures put in place by the government get access to various daily needs.

In view of this, YALI members and state hubs are also not left behind. Below is the intervention activity of an Alumna from Lagos State, Nigeria.
Name of Alumna: Ugochi Obidiegwu ( safety chic)
Name of Initiative: The Train Them Young Initiative (#2TYI)

Impact so Far: Ugochi Obidiegwu is a Safety Education Advocate with a specialty in simplifying complex safety knowledge to her target audience. Her safety activities focus on training and creating unique safety education products ( app, books, videos, safety posters) and programs for African children and educators in order to intentionally groom safety-conscious children.
As her efforts towards combating the Covid-19 pandemic, together with other safety advocates, she printed over 1000 copies of a health safety books for children which were distributed to children in IDP camps and others in over six states of the federation already.

She also hosted her fourth edition of the safety school summit via a zoom platform where she addressed post COVID school resumption activities for school owners, teachers and parents, with over 238 participants from all over the country.

A report compiled by:
Alabi Omolara
Cohort 7,