In 2015, I founded a youth-led initiative (The Graciella Initiative) that now has 77 core members (Team TGI) a presence in 8 African countries. Our objectives are to create economic opportunities for women, sponsor girls in underserved northern communities to school and protect abused girls through partnerships.

On the 4th of July this year, as a female-oriented organization, Team TGI did a survey in Sabo Community of Ogun state, Southwest region of Nigeria, to discover the negative impact of the pandemic-related lockdown on women.

Our discovery helped us develop a Sustainable Plan for women in low-income communities in Southwest Nigeria, as our COVID-19 response. This involved partnering with farmers and agricultural brands to provide women with farm products to sell and make a profit and empowering women in making of hair oils and other household products. As soon as the women make the products after the first-day training, we would be branding their products for them and creating a market for them to make sales.

To that effect, on Saturday, 25th of July, we trained 21 women on the production of 2 household materials. After the training, we got a fishery company and a bean production company to provide 10 women with their products. We are presently waiting to get some farm produce from Jos, Nigeria to get to us so we can start distributing the products to the women to sell.

In order to make this project sustainable, As the women sell their farm produce and household materials (which we would have branded for them), they would be keeping the profit and remitting the capital to us so we can have more resources given to them for the cycle to continue.

Through women, families will get by every day without having to beg or starve. We are still open to sponsors and partners, especially farmers and more agricultural organizations that can provide our women with farm produce to sell and make some money.