Tatu Mbamba is a young girl who devoted her life to transforming the community. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in other countries as a young woman and change maker she was deeply thinking that there is a need to educate her community about the disease and how to overcome it. Tatu narrates; By the time there is no single case in Tanzania she thought about it and how she is going to implement her idea.

One of my friends came in my office and talk about it so I take that opportunity to address my thought and see how we can collaborate and do together, so we made an agreement to team up and do it as one since he has an organization named empower youth prosperity (EYP), Tatu explains. Ms. Tatu combined her efforts with EYP and initiated a community outreach program to spread information on preventive measures against COVID-29 in Mbeya and Singida Regions in Tanzania

Regional medical officers supported them with Medical personnel who will provide the training about the disease before their team goes to the field and other stakeholders provided us with banners, posters, and t-shirt for us to start the project.  We recruited volunteers who can collaborate with us and work as a team.

We divided our COVID-19 campaign into two phases;  phase one started from the 6th of April to 22nd of May in which we provide awareness in the Mbeya city and singing region. Says Tatu A plan for phase two will be the remaining districts of the Mbeya region such as kyela, Rungwe, Chunya, Mbeya DC, and Mbarali.

The initiative has benefited the Community as people were well informed about Covid-19 with preventive measures and how to stay safe while keeping their daily activities. Friends have contacted me from different regions wanting to duplicate what I have done with EYP in Mbeya and Singida to be done in other regions. This is indeed an achievement says Tatu.

Brayson Lema
YALI TV Country Correspondent