The Made in Africa Expo is a dedicated marketplace event designed to promote the services, products and initiatives of Young Africans across the continent. The platform is designated to attract and award 40 entrepreneurs and innovators from 48 African countries to virtually promote and expose their brands to the rest of Africa through our digital broadcasting platform-YALI TV.

This year, the Made in Africa Expo would be rewarding $20,000 worth of marketing and eCommerce support for 2 winning Entrepreneurs(Male & Female Category)- “Made in Africa Expo Winner 2020”

The Expo would connect Young Entrepreneurs and their brands to the rest of Africa highlighting their value proposition, their brand details to attract partners, investors and clientele across the continent.

The two-day program is expected to attract the US Alumni Associations (especially YALI Alumni/ Mandela Washington Fellows/ YALI Network members etc), distinguished youth groups, young Africans and the over 650,000 YALI Network members who will be participating in the programs live from across Africa and the general viewers of YALI TV.

YALI TV also plans to have invited studio guests to experience the programs on-site while streaming to viewers online.

The 2-day program is expected to attract speakers and facilitators from the US Embassy of Ghana, a recommendation from the US Department of State, Professional Associations, and Captains of Industry in Ghana and across the continent. To supplement the panel for each day, designated YALI Alumni and Mandela Washington Fellows will be granted slots to make inputs as well.

YALI Entrepreneurs and Young African Entrepreneurs in the following industries are eligible to apply
1. Tech
2. Agric & Food
3. Manufacturing
5. Finance
6. Environment, Cleaning, etc
7. Health
8. Education
9. Fashion/ Textile
10. Beauty, Cosmetics
11. Infrastructure ( Construction, Mining, Real Estate, etc)
12. Transportation

Deadline: 4th of November 2020

Selected exhibitors would be notified by 12AM GMT on 6th November 2020.

1. Product or Service should be verifiable
2. Business should have at least 2-3 employees and a record of client traction
3. Online presence and visibility (website, social media pages, etc)
4. Founder or head of the brand must be between 18-40 years and must be an African


For further information:
Call: +233509569607 WhatsApp: +233244082718 Email: