As an author who writes about exceptional actors and players in society to uplift the status quo of others on social media, I nominate “Stars of the Week” from communities in Kenya to be celebrated.

This week, I nominate and celebrate the entire staff of the Kalingalinga Basic School and this is due to their tremendous impact and resilience during these testing or challenging times in Kenya.

When schools reopened after months of lockdown restrictions to curb the coronavirus pandemic, they immediately informed all the pupils and their parents about the various protocols and associated guidelines necessary to promote safety and health.

As a response measure, the school authorities put up CoronaVirus awareness posters all over the school premises to educate and alert all students, patrons and visitors of the school. Additionally, they placed hand washing buckets with accompanying detergents and toiletries at selected vantage points across the length and breadth of the school starting from the entrance, to classroom area, playground, restrooms, staff room and other areas. The school authorities also distributed three(3) facemasks to each pupil who reported for school during the reopening. As a precautionary measure, the Kalingalinga Basic School provides an extra face mask for any pupil who forgets his or her allocated mask, other than sending them home.

Furthermore, the School Authorities have to carry out sensitization sessions about Coronavirus weekly. This exercise involves the entire staff, and pupil’s class by class. Also, on daily basis, individual teachers are made to spare at least five (5) minutes each day, to sensitize the pupils on Coronavirus guidelines and preventive steps before they start teaching the regular lessons.

Furthermore, the school has set up a new solar water tank and discarded the old electric water tank to ensure a 24/7 water supply in the school, so that students, staff and other visitors would at all times have access to portable water which would play a vital in promoting a safe and hygienic environment for learning.

When most of these strategic steps are adopted by schools as a template for mitigation of the coronavirus pandemic as schools reopen across Kenya and Africa, I believe the lives of many children will be safeguarded to ensure we collectively win this battle, especially in the educational sector.

(Source: Deputy Headteacher, Kalingalinga Basic School, Kenya-East Africa)

Story by
Miss Lucy Elizabeth Kaumba

She is YALI RLCSA alumni, is a Sociology student at the University of Zambia. She is currently carrying out an awareness campaign in her community in conjunction with the Young African Leaders Initiative. The awareness campaign is called ‘ Iam playing my role in the fight against COVID 19’ this campaign is aimed at encouraging people in her community (Lusaka) to play their individual roles in the fight against COVID 19. She conducts interviews with people in her community finding out the roles they play in the fight against COVID 19 and posts their stories on the YALI Youths in Action Zambia Facebook page.