On Wednesday 16th thSeptember 2020 marked the beginning of a strategic partnership between the premier television channel for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI TV) and one of West Africas fastest-growing universities, BlueCrest College Ghana.

The strategic academia-media partnership was signed to establish a cooperative agreement to run media, technology, and innovation exchange programs for Africa while enhancing the ability of YALI TV to raise its capacity to reach more young Africans with impact stories on the continent and beyond.

In attendance were some of the representatives of the BlueCrest College Ghana and YALI TV. Some of the officials present include Dr. Rashid Bah Rockfeler Herisse, Advisory Board Member of YALI TV  and the Regional Economic Growth Office, Energy Team Lead, USAID & Regional Coordinator at Power Africa; West Africa, the General Manager of YALI TV, Stephen Selasie Asuo, the Finance Manager of YALI TV, Belinda Odetsi Narkour, the Business Development Manager of YALI TV, Richmond Perkins Asante, the President and Rector of BlueCrest College Ghana, Dr. Anand Agrawal, the Marketing Manager, Onyekachi Ekeh, the Assitant Registrar Admissions, Richard Nartey, and Career Office Officer, Mr. Jones were present at the brief ceremony.

The management of BlueCrest College Ghana stated their profound excitement with regards to the cooperative agreement. Dr. Arnand Agrawal stated that the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is an epitome of the new Africa Agenda that is being driven by leadership, education, innovations, and technology. The Rector stated that his institution is excited to be the support hub for media, innovations, and technology for YALI TV for the duration of the partnership and beyond. He made a pledge to the dignitaries present that, he and his management would relent in supporting YALI TV to attain its mandate.

Dr. Rockfeler on behalf of the Advisory Board of YALI TV stated that Africa has come to the stage was youth empowerment needed to transcend from the usual narrative to real actions. He thus commended BlueCrest College Ghana for believing in the budding television channel. Dr. Rockfeler also stated that, as a seasoned diplomat with experience in development initiatives, he foresees this partnership a major tool for impact communication, education promotion, and cultural exchange in the areas of media, technology and innovations. He, therefore, charged the management of YALI TV to show off the tenets of YALI and make Africa proud.

After the signing section by the representatives of both organizations, the General Manager of YALI TV, Stephen Selasie Asuo stated that, over the past few months of its engagement with BlueCrest College Ghana, they really depicted their commitment to supporting youth leadership, education, innovation, and technology. And for that matter, this drove the mutual interests of both entities to formalize the relationship. Selassie said, this partnership and the deliverables would become a benchmark for cooperative agreements led by young people in many industries and settings to consciously empower more young people to dream and affect changes in society. He used the opportunity to thank God, the US Department of State, YALI Network, and other critical partners.

After the completion of the signing ceremony at the office, the management of the BlueCrest College Ghana took the Officials of YALI TV on a brief tour of some of the key facilities that would be utilized duration the cooperative agreement.

Story: YALI TV Team
Photo Credit: Bethel (BlueCrest Radio/YALI TV)