I remember when I was a child, all I could think of is becoming a lawyer. I dreamed of it, fed off the dream, just so that one day, I will be standing in court defending children. Like many children, many of those are just dreams, as you grow old you find new dreams, or life may shift you on different paths, but for some, those dreams never leave them. The entrepreneurs, the explorer, and those that are set out for new discoveries. Every waking morning they dream of dreams that never go away. Imagine those with dreams that don’t go away, and are met with the reality of the possibility that their dreams may never be. It what has been called a slow death of humanity.

One day, looking through my window into the nothingness of the air, I saw, some young men. They were laying on the grass, perhaps reflective, perhaps looking into the emptiness such as me. I assumed this was the trend, day in, day out, waking up to nothing. The state of unemployment for the many young people who have to wake up to nothing. This being the age of their great potential, only to wake up daily, and prepare for nothing. I could only imagine, how heartbreaking it could be, especially for the young men whose responsibility faced them.

Majority of the young people are written off at an early age. By the time many children get to high school, they are already less than half who will actually progress to the university. Many will either end up in smaller jobs or small businesses and masses, of course, will end up in the category of unemployed. The higher it goes the fewer they become and for the majority, their chance at life is decimated, into the existence of merely surviving.

Whilst, entrepreneurship should not necessarily be regarded as an alternative to unemployment, it does offer a great solution to some of these challenges, either, the young people are able to create opportunities for themselves, and if lucky, they are able to create solutions for others. Starting Dream Tribe in the year 2018, that was the dream, to provide fuel for those that had the potential to even create employment for others.

It was only a dream, and I reached out to 15 friends whom we would start the Empire Content Network project. Through collaboration, we would successfully manage to eliminate some of the challenges creators face, such as capital and resources among other limitations, and we created content. This would later grow into the larger Dream Tribe. Today at 300 members online, officially worked with 50 young people and starting to train officially in July, I am grateful to YALI, that I learned how I could scale this up even to the continental level. I hope that will time, I will reach 1000 dreamers which will in turn make more dreams come true. I am a dream maker and I believe there many of us across the continent who still believe in the beauty of their dreams and the ability to make dreams happen.

Young people should not lose hope, but use the learning from life to grow empires that will eventually change and impact their communities. Entrepreneurship will be the inevitable future for many young people, or even all young people in the future. Life has taught me over the years when you can’t get given something, you have to go and get in yourself. In the same breath, I believe all dreams come true if you can work towards them hard enough.

Should you be disappointed, I leave you with the words; ‘They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds’. You should grow dear young one. Grow and be a giant tree.

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Esther Neema
YALI Alumni Kenya
Founder Dream Tribe