The effect of covid19 can not be over emphasized as it’s has affected millions of people around the world including the Educational Sector at all levels.

In the wake of this, many developed countries made provisions for their students to ensure their educational needs are met.

In Nigeria, sadly students have no such privilege. The lack of digital learning platforms in most of our academic institutions means that our young people are forced to stop their education indefinitely.

This development has placed students in Nigeria behind their peers in developed countries especially secondary school students in Government-owned schools ( Public School).

The need to help secondary school students bridge this gap which COVID-19 has caused due to lack of digital access especially those preparing for their junior and senior certificate examination.

Julius Ilori who is the immediate past yali network Lagos coordinator and some fellows developed a web app that provides free educational materials to enable secondary school students to study on their own at home.

This web app was deliberately designed for mobile devices as we understand that not many Nigerians have laptops but can have access to a mobile device to download the materials with as low as a hundred nairas, these materials can be downloaded for offline use.

We discovered that some students in rural communities such as Ajegunle, ibese, ajah and badagry in Lagos didn’t have access to the online platform due to the under development challenges such as no internet access and non-affordability of internet support devices like android phone, etc.

Speaking to Blessing, Julius said this learning challenges made himself and his team to scale up the project, by recruiting neighborhood volunteer teachers that started teaching using the web app materials in their various communities.

Julius noted that currently, the platform is serving over 1000 students in both Abuja and Lagos.

Julius said every child has access to this online platform as he stated below

To access this online platform, please kindly visit

Note: Individuals or corporate bodies are welcome for sponsorship to enable the team to reach out to more children in their various communities.


Ilori Julius is a social activist working to improve the lives of under-privileged and vulnerable populations, particularly out of school children.

He is an energetic Nigerian passionate about quality education and creating change in the civic space. In 2017, he founded a nonprofit organization called Save African Futures leader’s initiative aimed at empowering teenagers to be catalysts for social change and growth through education for sustainable development which prepares them for the future of work.

In 2020, Julius created a Web application in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which currently provides free educational materials to over 1000 secondary school students in Nigeria, in low-income communities, who do not have the opportunity for continuous learning during the pandemic. He is currently developing a new Curriculum for educators in low-income communities that will prepare them for the post-COVID-19 era of learning. He hopes to reduce the rate of out of school children in Nigeria by 80% in the year 2025 by providing technologically-driven innovations and alternative forms of learning with content that will prepare the students for the future of work.

Report by Bondze Blessing Jessica