In line with the YALI framework which strongly supports leadership skills, community development, and volunteering among youths and in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( good health and well-being and SDGs 6 ( clean water and sanitation ), the Akwa Ibom State Nigeria chapter of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) network took up the task of cleaning up various sections of Uyo community market precisely AKPAN ANDEM market, Udo Umana Street, You as her project for the month of October 2020.

This came barely a month after the election and inauguration of the new leadership of the state chapter led by Mr. Benson Udoh.
The project kicked off at exactly 6.59 am and closed at 9.57 am with a total attendance of 31 YALI ALUMNI members, other volunteers included 9 market representatives. 14 members of the public and 1 media representative.

The project serves as an opportunity to foster collaboration with the Uyo community specifically the AKPAN ANDEM market management committee and the trader’s community who openly expressed their appreciation towards the efforts of YALI Network Akwa Ibom State Nigeria in carrying out such a needful exercise and subsequently promoting leadership activities among youths in the community.
They commended YALI member’s initiative for identifying a need in the community and taking proactive action to address it.

During the exercise, YALI members unclogged gutters, cleared bushes, and removed plastic wastes in the market and its environs, the event also featured giving of free YALI branded T-Shirt to members and light refreshment to other volunteers who participated in the project on-site as a means of encouraging them.

Addressing the team, the chairman of the market management committee thanked YALI Network Akwa Ibom State Nigeria for the selfless service, and called on other organizations to emulate the gesture of YALI Network, he appealed for more collaboration from YALI network with emphasis on community-focused and youth-driven initiatives such as the cleanup Uyo and other impactful projects.