Blue Crest University College, one of the leading colleges in ICT and Fashion in West Africa, in partnership with Goalpha and C3 Labs, has organized a workshop training for Senior High School graduates on how to use technology to solve community problems.

The Progromme had trained young people especially, senior high school graduates on computer literacy, coding, innovation skills, entrepreneurship and technology. Within the Atwo weeks of training, participants were empowered to come up with solutions to a problem they have identified in their community and how they intend to solve the problem using technology.

 The 23rd of August, was the grand finale of the coding programme, held inside the Auditorium of the Bluecrest University College. The final session had participants present their various projects to the audience. Awards were given to participants who excelled during the training process. Successful participants who came up with creative ideas received scholarships from Bluecrest University College after officials had examined and were impressed with their presentations.

C3 Lab is a youth led organization based in China which seeks to train young people in computer coding. C3 Lab started in 2015 just as a campus community and has first trained young people in Ghana. The aim of the training is to equip young people in entrepreneurial skills, help the young to come up with solutions, also focusing on innovation and prepare young people for the future.

Speaking to the participant, the founder of C3 Labs Coding Workshop, expressed his profound gratitude in the participant for completing the training programme. He also awarded the participant with their certificate of completion. The main agenda is raising 30,000 coding literate by 2025. C3 Lab is looking to expand into Ethiopia and intend to expand the vision of Africa entrepreneurs. The programme was covered by Yali Tv correspondents.

The management of BlueCrest University College also stated that, they always ready to work with youth groups and agencies to forward the development agenda of Ghana, and Africa.