Yalians in Liberia has been urged to practice good leadership behaviors that will enable them to be trusted with leadership positions at higher levels in society.

The program held in Monrovia on October 25, 2019, brought together members of the YALI Network in Liberia, and other youth groupings in the country.

Representative Ivar K. Jones, the keynote speaker at the second leadership induction ceremony of the chapter said, as young leaders, they should avoid what he terms as lack of integrity to enable them to be trusted if they must lead change across Africa.

He warns the Incoming leadership headed by Varney T. Wilson, to be mindful of promises they made during the campaign of their election, as falling back on those promises will show the lack of integrity.

“During elections, there are many promises made, and when people make promises during election, and they are faced with the reality they try to sway away, where is the integrity that you are bringing to the table”, he asked.

He continued, that if they saw that some decisions from the past leadership were not in the interest of the chapter, now is the time to make the right decision.

“Their time has expired, this is a new leadership, I won’t urge you to come to Leadership with integrity and leave with integrity”, Jones said.

Liberian Representative Ivar k.Jones delivering his keynote address

According to him, the Young African Leaders should not see Africa as a place of war or sicknesses, but rather they should work and make the difference in Africa in an effort to change the African narratives.

Jones said, “To make a difference, it doesn’t require a room full of money; it requires inspiration, determination, and sacrifice”.

For his part, the inducted president for the YALI RLC alumni chapter, Varney T. Wilson thank the past leadership for the progress they have made so far despite the many challenges.

According to him, the foremost priority of the leadership will center around building a professional network that is accessible, impact-driven and resourceful to all members and those aspiring to join the YALI Network in Liberia.

“To begin this initiative, my leadership has extended hands to all parties involved in the electoral process. My leadership envisions a chapter that will not only mentor young people into the network but will also strengthen the capacity of every member without being bias” Wilson noted.

The YALI RLC Liberia Alumni chapter president also said that his leadership will work in securing an office space for the network, as having an official working space is cardinal to the work and dream of the leadership.

Wilson added, that while it is true that there are trained professionals within the network, still, many alumni are in need of the technical, logistical and financial support to implement quick and long-term impact projects that will transform the Liberian society by empowering and employing other young people.

And has vowed that his leadership will work closely with the YALI Regional Leadership Center to have legal documentation for the sole purpose of implementing smaller programs and projects that will be a help to other alumni that are unemployed.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president of the chapter, Sally Gaye in a short remark welcome the new leadership but quickly  sounded out a warning to the members of the YALI Network in Liberia  against  undermining a leadership in power

Sally Gaye, YALI RLC Liberia chapter outgoing president

Gaye described leadership as a boat that when one is in, they should be mindful of shaking, as everyone will be affected when the boat capsizes.

The YALI RLC Liberia Alumni chapter is home to over 200 Liberian youths that are seeking to make a great impact in their communities, Liberia, Africa, and the world.

The newly inducted leadership of YALI RLC Liberia Chapter