In the United Republic of Tanzania, there is no lockdown. People go out of their homes on their daily activities especially those who go out each day is a matter of necessity to survive; day-workers which is the largest population in the Cities. But things aren’t normal, Schools have been closed, public gatherings have been limited, Many Business and Non-government Offices are closed hence employees are to work from home.

Public transport Stations as a red zone for Covid-19 the Rapid Transport Agency employed necessary measures to prevent and cut the transmission chain. As part of Special Operation Fighting Covid-19 Brayson among others were selected to work at Rapid transit Bus Stations to ensure passengers wash/sanitize their hands before boarding public transport cutting transmission chain of Coronavirus. I started working on 28th March 2020. Everyone was scared of getting infected. I would come back home afraid of touching anything regardless of how many times I have sanitized my hands. I have to isolate myself every day to go to the station again the next day in fear of bringing the virus home. To keep others safe while at service.

Pressure from peers and family to quit and stay home have been a daily bread. One thing kept me going; if we are to survive while people keep going out, someone has to do it. Someone has to be at the stations to ensure preventive measures are adhered to; Passengers Wearing masks, social distancing, and washing/sanitizing hands frequently. Someone has to do it

From 1st June 2020, Higher learning institutions and Form six Students are required to get back to school as Studies will be resumed. Schools, Colleges, and Universities have made specific measures to help students stay safe in studying settings. Public transport remains to be an important point in cutting transmission chains hence great necessity to ensure preventive measures should be adhere at the stations. Sanitizing/washing hands before boarding public transport and wearing masks.

Tanzania Slogan for fighting Covid-19 in Kiswahili “CORONA INAZUILIKA, JIKINGE, MKINGE NA MWINGINE”  ( Corona can be stopped, protect yourself, protect someone else)

Brayson Lema
YALI TV Country Correspondent