My name is Hermes ADJE, I am a member of the YALI Network from Cote d’Ivoire and the President of a Human Rights Defending NGO, Seed4Africa. Today I would like to tell you about an Ambitious project that is currently gathering young Africans from 20 countries and that has been developed and implemented with NO FOUND, zero money, the AFRICAN YOUTH VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2020. Before we get to this project let me please introduce myself with this biography.

Hermes ADJE was the Executive Manager of the American Employees’ Association of the U.S. Embassy in Cote d’Ivoire. In 2016, he successfully participated in the Community College Initiative College program in California, earning the prestigious “All-Stars Award” for showing outstanding leadership and academic performances. He also specialized in Digital Media and became one of the very few Adobe Applications Specialists around the globe. Once back home Hermes started showing his love for community services by volunteering with several Associations before founding NGO SEED4AFRICA to promote Human Rights, Volunteerism and tolerance values. Socially engaged, his organization runs several community projects, such as “ALLONS VOTER”, a get-out-the-vote project implemented (with the support of the US Embassy) in 12 different localities. This project, touching about 2,246,000 people greatly helped increase the 2018 voter turnout in those localities from 19,37% to 30,25%. For his social engagement, Hermes has been elected by his Ivoirian peers US ALUMNUS OF THE YEAR 2018. His NGO received in 2019 the National Human Rights Award for all its actions in favor of Democracy and Peace.

I- Context of the project
The African Youth Virtual Summit, 2020 edition, falls within the framework of the priorities set out by the Agenda 2030 of the sustainable development program, with the slogan “leaving no one behind”. Through this Summit SEED4AFRICA is involving in capacity building for the adaptation of African Youth to the major challenges of the continent.
This summit, with the theme: “African Youth facing the challenges of the 21st century”, will allow the implementation of a series of reference approaches and tools developed by SEED4AFRICA and its International and National Partners. Young leaders from several African countries will thus have the opportunity to share their personal stories and experiences related to different issues and to propose solutions. These proposals will then be compiled in the form of a memo that will then be shared with the various Governments of the countries from which the participants come. Regular participants will receive a certificate. We will focus more on solutions that as young African we can develop and implement to help make Africa a better place.
Over the past few years, SEED4AFRICA has organized several civic activities that have mobilized thousands of young people across Côte d’Ivoire. Thanks to this important contribution and the remarkable efforts of our organization for the inclusive and participatory development of youth, women and vulnerable people, SEED4AFRICA was distinguished as the 2019 Human Rights Prize Laureate.

II. Objectives

1- General objective of the summit
The general objective of the summit is a theoretical and operational mastery of basic techniques that will help the participants to develop their potential, but also to contribute to the development of their respective countries. All participants are called to put together their ideas on each of the 10 very important topics to provide solutions to issues, that we face in our daily lives.

2- Objectifs spécifiques du Sommet
At the end of the summit each participant should be able to:
• Implement sustainable development actions at the local and community level
• Develop a capacity and resource mobilization process that engages governments and communities
• Face the major challenges of the moment by providing concrete solutions to social problems.

III- Description of the project
1- Scheduled activities
The 2020 AFRICAN YOUTH VIRTUAL SUMMIT is a virtual summit that brings together young African leaders every Friday around several themes. These themes are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A new theme will be the topic of discussion each time. The different themes are:
1- COVID-19 problems African youth face 2- African Youth and Human Rights 3- African Youth facing disinformation on social networks 4- Promotion of gender equality and female leadership 5- Consequences of illegal immigration for African Youth 6- Participation of African Youth in electoral processes 7- African Youth facing climate change challenges 8- Young Africans living with disabilities 9- Education of young girls in Africa 10- African Youth, new technologies and Entrepreneurship
2- Location, duration and modalities of execution
a) Date
Every Friday, October 09 through December 11 2020
b) Location
The Summit will be held entirely online due to the health provisions related to COVID 19.
c) Hour
d) Languages
This program will be run into English and French

III- Expected Results
 A better understanding on the part of the participants of the issues of the moment
 A better capacity for resilience of young leaders
 A better capacity to develop and propose sustainable solutions to the problems facing the different local communities.

IV- Targeted Public
The summit is aimed at leaders of African youth associations and organizations, but also researchers, public and private administrations involved in local or community development. But also local population to allow local changes. Indeed, Some of our Conferences are broadcast live in local radios.

Our NGO SEED4AFRICA (https://web.facebook.com/Seed4africa ) aims to promote and defend human rights in Côte d’Ivoire. We are also working to find answers to women and youth key questions such as empowerment and global warming. We carry out socio-cultural actions and activities throughout the Ivorian territory and this through our network of volunteers (2058) present in the 20 largest cities of Côte d’Ivoire. We are an organization whose dynamism rests on the youth of the group (the 13 members of the organization have an age varying between 18 and 38 years), but also on group diversity, which includes among others:
– 2 Lawyers;
– 1 Doctor in Modern Letters, a specialist in communication;
– 1 Doctor in Sociology;
– 2 Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists;
– 1 Computer Science Engineers,
– 1 Information and Communication Technologies Specialist. Etc.
In 2019, our organization was crowned with the prestigious Côte d’Ivoire Human Rights Prize awarded by the National Human Rights Council.  This distinction was offered to us for our actions in favor of the empowerment of women. Indeed, our “One Woman, One Earth” project conducted in 2019 has created a framework for discussions with traditional Kings and Chiefs, thus allowing 50 women to access lands.
In 2018, we carried out an awareness campaign called “ Allons Voter ” (Let’s Vote) to encourage young people and women at local and national level to express their right to vote in order to increase participation in elections in cities and regions of the country with the lowest rates and where electoral distensions were recurrent. [Picture 8] Our actions have been carried out in 12 cities across the country (San Pedro, Soubré, Gagnoa, Daloa, Duekoué, Bouaké, Yamoussoukro, Abengourou, Aboisso, Yopougon, Abobo and Port-bouet). This program, which reached almost two million people, was a real success: in several of the cities visited the participation rate even exceeded the national average. Via this link you will find the report of the “Allons Voter ” project.

If more information is needed, please let me know.