About Us


YALI TV is the premier television platform showcasing inspiring and informative stories of Young Africans across the continent and beyond. The initiative would also develop media content that is best in value-based leadership to stream online via social media and on selected television channels across Africa. YALI TV is situated in Accra Ghana operational from the YALI RLC West Africa office at GIMPA, Accra-Ghana.


YALI TV is the first TV platform dedicated primarily to the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) to broadcast globally the impacts and efforts of leading change by fellows of the network. It would also capture stories of other young changemakers on the continent, in the diaspora and the rest of the world.

We would reach our global audience through a 24hour online stream at www.yalitvonline.com, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on other airing networks, making YALI TV accessible anywhere in the world. YALI TV is also partnering with other mainstream media channels in Ghana, the West African Sub-region and across the continent to expand our reach.


  • Vision Statement: YALI TV is poised to give a voice to fellows and alumni on the continent while motivating other emerging youth leaders and change makers aspire towards transformational leadership.
  • Mission statement: YALI TV aims to use the power of digital technology, social media, and mainstream media to tell the stories and showcase the achievements of young Africans using world-class expertise and broadcast mediums to the world


YALI TV is set to achieve the following objectives;

  • Showcase initiatives and activities lead by YALI fellows across the continent
  • Inform and update followers with current information and news within the YALI Network and abroad
  • Contribute to the sustainability of the YALI Initiative through a live or recorded broadcast of YALI events, ongoing leadership training activities of the YALI Regional Leadership Centers and the Mandela Washington Fellowship.
  • Develop shows and content that tells the African story and inspires transformational leadership.