As the world continues its fight against the Corona Virus Disease, many still doubt as to whether the disease is a myth or not.
The story of a young Liberian will help you understand the myth. As it is said, the real story of a person is enough to set you on the path of greatness.

Jackson David, an alumnus of the YALI Regional Leadership Center West Africa Cohort 10, explains of his encounter with the Corona Virus Disease.
According to Jackson, the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be an ordinary virus! Perhaps it is BUT strongly believes that Corona still has some unrevealed secrets that are yet to be made known. Even the trauma behind the virus is just very intense than the virus itself.
He said, in his case, the Virus became more active at night than the day; even though he did a lot of home exercises thinking that it could help improve his immune system to debunk the symptoms BUT it was just making it worse.
“I struggled at night to sleep; I became more uncomfortable and active. The symptoms over time develop from one tension to another. Initially, I thought that it was just something else; everyone who I ever engaged closely with my condition has always told me it was just an ordinary sickness. Some said it could be just mild cold while others said perhaps, it’s due to the different climates that I have lately been associated with during my travels. Even my own FAMILY didn’t want to believe that it was COVD-19. They have always known me to be of someone who always falls sick after a couple of travel journeys. But with persistent engagements of acknowledging them about my strange feelings and slow response level of the body, we finally came to one conclusion AND later encourage me to do my COV-19 test. I voluntarily walked to the SKD Sports Complex where my specimens were collected and forwarded to the LAB for testing.”
Like many others, Jackson has not yet come to knowledge as to where he got the virus.
“There hasn’t been any clear clue YET as to where exactly I encountered the virus! I arrived in Liberia since February 29, and I started feeling a bit of a symptom around March 27, 2020. I was isolated from home for seventeen days after my arrival from Thailand but didn’t feel the Virus symptoms.
The reality is, I was so engaged with too many activities when I’ve just entered Liberia. Maybe along the way of one or two of my engagements is where I encountered the Virus from; which I CAN’T tell, because even with my contact tracing, no one seems to be sick during my seventeen days and after”.

Unlike many others, Jackson did not hesitate to be taken to the 14 Military hospitals.
The 14 Military hospital, is the center where almost every Corona Virus patient is treated in Liberia.

“After receiving the telephone call; this time, the surveillance officer who spoke with me on the telephone was very professional. This brought me some level of encouragement to be taken to the quarantine unit. She quietly told me that the ambulance was coming to pick me up BUT I should tell them of where to pick me from. Knowing exactly how we sometimes behave in Liberia especially at the community level if someone is being diagnosed with the Virus; the response from the community can be too forbidden.
So she advised that I get off the community using my nose mask before the ambulance picks me up to avoid the crowds from intruding my privacy. In this case, while talking to me, I too started convincing her that I was recovering gradually from home YET, she told me that isolating me from home would be the best to avoid the spread of the Virus. Moreover to avoid immediate friends and family members of not getting infected” I found logic to believe her; so in this regard, I agreed on leaving home to the treatment unit”.
He explained that life in Isolation was boring.
“Life In Isolation Is Boring; You Have To Be physically And mentally ready to fast track your recovery!
“Day one of my arrivals was on April 19, 2020, at the 14 military hospitals along with two other positive cases; we arrived at about 9:12 PM. As we got off the ambulance before going in, we were asked a few questions. This was intended to know each of our symptoms before pairing us in a room. Interestingly, the three of us were all males and strong in health; no cough, no sneeze, no fever. Except for me who had chest pain and breathing difficulties but NOT to an extent that could require oxygen, NO!”
“Thereof, we were escorted to our room specifically room #24! Upon sitting in, we were served dinner and started connecting with one another. We took off time to shower, eat, and rested awhile. After an hour, nurses came in to ask us some additional questions. They were all fortified with their Protective Gears which you dare to recognize any one of them by name if not thoroughly checking on their name tags. Honestly, their dress codes literally brought back the memories of EBOLA AND this time, I became speaking in tongues. I was afraid to the extent that I couldn’t think of anything POSITIVE at that moment.
I immediately told my colleagues for us to pray! This time, I became the pastor for our room from the day we arrived and until the day we got discharged from the hospital”.
Jackson explains his stay at the quarantine center.
“I spent exactly 14 days at the 14 Military Hospitals and an additional 17 days in the Prevention Observation Center (POC). Most of the Nurses and Doctors I met at the treatment unit were people of good discipline and very friendly. Some could even walk over to my room just to share a friendly conversation to help release the stress that comes when being alone”.
“I was served 3 times a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also requested additional meals when I felt the need”.
He also discloses some hidden truths that need to be revealed.
According to him, medication at the treatment unit is not encouraging. The hospital sometimes goes out of drug and the nurses will have to apologize and ask that the patients should ask their families to purchase drugs outside the hospital and send it to them.
“Many days, I requested additional medications from outside and when it’s arrived, the Doctors will have to approve before it can be administered to me. The only best checkup that I can record was the testing of body temperature and breathing levels with the Pulse Oximetry machine”.
Jackson describes WATER as one of the key things that the doctors told him to drink sufficient and how the water really helped him with the intervention of the Almighty God.
Furthermore, when asked of how he feels being home and most especially the reactions of people toward him as a COVID-19 survival, this is what he said.
“Life outside isolation is one that every coronavirus patient will always yearn for. Going in is unpredictable, you never know how you may end up; either die or survive. Survival is always what every Coronavirus patient seeks. So, coming home is the most joyful thing that happens to me. Being home has helped lower my mental tension and emotional discomfort”.
“Unlike my neighbors, my family has always been there for me. Since I returned, the stigmas and fear of people in my community has been of a major challenge. Some people do believe that I still have the virus while others do not want to be bothered.
Meanwhile, Jackson describes his experience at the quarantine center as quite boring BUT it allowed him to vividly see and understand facts from rhetoric. And the advice that there is a need to create more awareness of the coronavirus.

By: Musu W. Davis
Country Correspondence Coordinator Liberia